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Mango DX

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Introduction 介绍

Mango DX is a gentle and powerful nutritional formula designed for daily detoxification while maintaining gut health. The mango flavour and natural formula is made with the combination of various fibers and fat-reducing food ingredients, which is specially developed for you with weak gastrointestinal function!

The sweet and sour taste giving unique romantic tropical style, which make it a perfect detoxification product with nice visual, nice smell, nice taste and full of nutrition. Through natural process of eliminating body metabolism waste and toxins, increase every detoxification pathways in order to restore the physiological vitality and overall health.

Mango DX 是一种温和而有力,专为日常排毒而设计,又同时可以维持肠道健康的营养配方。带有芒果口味,纯天然又富含多种纤维素和减脂食品成分融合而成,专为肠胃道功能不良的你精心打造!


Ingredients 成分

  • Maltodextrin
  • Mango Powder
  • Oat Fiber
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract
  • Licorice Extract.

  • 麦芽糊精
  • 芒果粉
  • 燕麦纤维
  • 绿咖啡豆提取物
  • 甘草提取物。

Beneficial effects 效果

  • Increased gastrointestinal secretion to promote digestion
  • Promote gastrointestinal motility and smooth bowel movements
  • Decompose and expel exhaust gas in intestines
  • Restore organ metabolism
  • Restore fair and radiant skin
  • Helps to lose weight and flattened fat belly
  • Conducive to the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases

  • 肠胃液分泌增加进而促进消化
  • 促进肠胃蠕动进而排便顺畅
  • 分解并排出肠道废气
  • 恢复器官代谢功能
  • 恢复皮肤白皙与光泽
  • 协助瘦身并减少凸出的小腹
  • 有利于防治心血管疾病。

Storage Instruction 存储

  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Do not expose direct to sunlight.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

  • 储存在阴凉,干燥的地方。
  • 请勿直接暴露在阳光下。
  • 请将本品放在儿童不能接触的地方。

How to use 食用方式

Mix 1 sachet with 200-250ml of hot water. Consume 1 sachet daily before bedtime.


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